I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Although I love, and revel in, my own property where wildlife often visits, traveling is my passion. My interest in photography really began when I started traveling solo in 2005. Keen to share all the amazing things I saw with my friends and family back home, I realized that, indeed, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Since then my self-taught skills (“skills,” such as they may be) have slowly evolved and my equipment has slowly upgraded. (I use Canon.)

Photography has become more than a way to catalogue experiences. It’s like a form of meditation to me. Few things can quiet my mind as fully as focusing on an animal waiting for it to look at me or do something cute. I am not typically a patient person, but I have surprising patience when it comes to getting that wildlife shot. Or in waiting for the crowds of people and that one guy who lingers and lingers to move out of my shot of some architectural or landscape subject. Even if the photos themselves are rubbish, the process of focusing intently on one thing has enormous value to me.

There are hundreds of photos on this site, but there are thousands on my travel blog. When I first started the blog, it was mostly text with a few small photos to accompany the words. Now photography shares the stage with the narrative, and is perhaps even hogging it a little. See my travel blog at SKJ Travel. The blog is informal writing, kind of like a default travel journal for my own benefit. What I really like to write is more in the “creative nonfiction” genre … see these more formal published essays at Shara Sinor.

On a more personal note, I have three cats and my life at home revolves around them. Completely. I like me a good beer (malty, pumpkin and chili beers especially). I love receiving postcards in the mail from others who are traveling.

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Email me: skjtraveler@gmail.com

Vervet monkey, Uganda

Saadien Tombs, Morocco

Himba women, Namibia